Homogenizers are high-pressure pumps (usually piston (plunger) pumps) that force the homogenized product under high pressure into an adjustable gap.

The main factors are the pressure in the process of work and productivity. For comparability of different devices, the performance of water is used, since the performance will be high on different products.

In pharmaceutical companies, homogenizers are used to obtain homogeneous mixtures by combining chemical and biological materials. This often involves lysing the cells to create a homogeneous suspension.

The homogenizer uses the physical principles of shear, cavitation and turbulence to break up large particles and droplets and produce a homogeneous mixture. Shear forces caused by viscosity reduce particle size, cavitation generates shock waves that break particles through collapsing cavities, and turbulence created by high fluid velocity leads to further reduction in particle size due to the formation of vortices.

YOCELL offers two types of homogenizers: high-pressure homogenizers and micro fluidizers, or benchtop homogenizers. Each type of homogenizer is presented in laboratory, pilot and production versions.

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