Tangential filtration systems, filter elements, filters

In the filtration section, we offer Bionet and Hanbon tangential filtration systems, HollowFiber filter elements from WaterSep, as well as filters from Cobetter.



Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) is a widespread technology in industrial separation, clarification and concentration processes. TFF is also known as Cross Flow Filtration.
It works through separation of cells or molecules based on their size (molecular weight) with the use of a porous membrane working with a flow tangential to the separation surface.
Based on the pore size of the membrane TFF can be divided in Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis.
At BIONET strive to understand your technology, production and regulation needs, to design and build the optimal solution for your cross-filtration system.
BIONET industrial experience includes systems for filtration of mAbs, recombinant proteins, insulin, enzymes, APIs, probiotics, bioplastics, algae, biocides, vegetal proteins and many others. From small, almost pilot units, to full scale industrial skids with many sqm of membranes
We have made Micro, Ultra and Nanofiltration industrial skids with Ceramic, Hollow Fibre or Spiral membranes. These have covered main industrial sectors as are Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical.

Solutions for filtration, Cobetter

Cobetter offer the solutions for filtration, separation and purification for biopharma applications.

Filter Series
  • Clarification Filter Series: Roheap CSD, Greclary CHV, Excesal CHE, Excesal CHC, Excesal CHT
  • Sterile-Grade Filter Series: Purcise SLE, Purcise SAF, Purcise SPS, Corevital SMD
  • Gas Filtration Filter Series: Aegivast ACE, Safesure AFM, Corevital APB
  • Pre-filtration and Redundant Filter Series: Purcise PAF, Purcise PLE, Corevital PME, Corevital PMD
  • Mycoplasma Removal Filter Series: Purcise MLE

TFF Systems, Holders and Cassettes

Consieve UET Cassette membranes have a high retention efficiency and are easy to clean/install. Available in a wide range of configurations. There are standart holders for cassettes: 0.1 m² Stainless Steel Holder and 0.5 m² Stainless Steel Holder. Cobetter is also able to design TFF system based on customer specifications and requirements especially for Pilot Labs and Process Systems.

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