In this part we are offer a different equipment for your chromatography process.

VERDOT Ips² chromatography solutions include both as a Benchtop Process Chromatography Systems as Process Chromatography Stations allows performing fully automated packing, cleaning, chromatography purification, unpacking and maintenance in a single unit, controlled from a single interface.

Also we offer Hanbon Science and Technology Co., Ltd hromatographic purification solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry: Chromatographic stations, Chromatographic columns.

A range of systems & accessories are available for chromatography process: columns, tanks, bubble traps and etc. We offer chromatography columns of VERDOT Ips² and BioToolomics.

VERDOT Ips² Process Chromatography Systems

The VERDOT Ips² Process Chromatography Systems: “To design and realize the documented and dedicated solution to your purification process.” Skid 01- 05 Process Chromatography Skid 01 to 05

Range of chromatography systems with flow up to 5000 L/h. Our Master Design is highly adaptable to Customer`s URS

Minipro, Benchtop Process Chromatography Systems

The system is configurable as:  Pilot scale with flow range 1-60 LPH; Small scale GMP manufacturing processes with flow range 5-120 LPH

FlexiPro, Process Chromatography Skids with Disposable fluid path

Interchangeable low flow and high flow kits. Ideal for multi-products purification suite.

The Process Chromatography Station 00

Fully automated packing, unpacking, cleaning & purification for pilot or small process scale.

“All-in-one” process chromatography systems

Fully automated packing, unpacking, cleaning & purification for medium and large process scale.

The chromatographic column is an important and integral part of the chromatographic purification process. Columns are made of different materials and have a different range of internal diameter and height / length. Column sizes depend on the amount of substances to be separated and the type of chromatography, allowing the separation micrograms or kilograms of different substances.

VERDOT Ips² Chromatography Columns

InPlace_Column PilMod_columns 

InPlace Chromatography Columns (20cm to > 100 cm). Columns for packing and unpacking in place.

The VERDOT Ips² InPlace column’s innovative features offer great  flexibility to meet the packing requirements of various media.

The motorized piston for axial compression provides reliable and robust bed compression without the necessity for high operating pressures during packing. With alternative packin-place columns, high flow rates and packing pressure endpoints are required to achieve the desired compression factor for a selected media. This can lead to inconsistencies in the amount of media packed into the column and in the actual bed compression if there are any changes to the buffer system or column connections, or if fines are introduced.

Because the bed height and slurry transfer volume can be directly measured in the VERDOT Ips² InPlace column, the packed bed compression is consistent and reproducible from packing to packing.

AgiChrom Agitated Chromatography Columns. With fixed/variable height of propeller. Transformable in InPlace version.

EasyPack Chromatography Columns (20 cm to > 100 cm). “Open” column (open to packing)

PilMod chromatography columns (5 cm to 20 cm). Configurable columns for pilot and small process scale.

A range of systems & accessories are available for column operation, each providing variable levels of automation:

  • Level 1: The Basic Control Console - controls packing motor speed. The Transfer & Cleaning Device (TCD) both cleans and transfers the slurry in/out of the column. All controls are manual.
  • Level 2: The Advanced Control Console - controls the packing motor speed/position and column pressure. Recipes/methods can be generated for automated packing and unpacking operations. The Transfer & Cleaning Device (TCD) both cleans and transfers the slurry in/out of the column. All controls are manual.
  • Level 3: The Packing station - contains functional controls for automated slurry transfer, packing, unpacking and cleaning. Ideal for use in dedicated “packing suites”.
  • Level 4: The All-in-one – all functionality as Level 3 + complete automation of the purification process. Ideal for operations with limited space requirements.

BioToolomics Chromatography Columns and Media

BioToolomics_columns BioToolomics offers a full range of disposable columns (e.g. 1ml to 10 litres) that are robust and cost-effective. Also offer both empty columns and column packing services.

Biotoolomics offers a broad range of process chromatography media, which is manufactured in our clean and purpose built facility. The pore structure and particle size of each adsorbent is tailored to best suit its targeted purification applications.


If you can’t find the suitable commercial media or the commercial media couldn’t match your purification needs, why not consider the option of customised media?

BioToolomics has extensive experience in fabrication of chromatography resins, in particular the polysaccharide-based media such as agarose. According to your application, BioToolomics can design the right base matrix to match with the right ligand. For more information please contact us and we will find a solution for you.

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