Lab Equipment

Our company offers a wide range of laboratory equipment from various manufacturers.
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ISOLAB Gmbh, since its foundation in 1996, has been offering products of the highest quality and focuses on customer satisfaction and quality of service. The company specializes in the production of consumables and offers its customers the latest products and solutions for daily work in universities, institutes, laboratories, as well as research and applications in various industries.

LabDex offers high quality laboratory equipment for a wide range of applications: autoclaves, laboratory scales, centrifuges, homogenizers, laboratory ovens, incubators, shakers, plate washers, mixers and vortexers, sample concentrators, spectrophotometers, etc. LabDex is one of the pioneers in adopting advanced technologies to produce reliable, efficient and cost effective products. The company's products are the preferred choice in many areas: healthcare, molecular biology, biotechnology, agriculture, educational institutions and research laboratories around the world.

The STARLAB group of companies specializes in the manufacture of various consumables and benchtop equipment for laboratories. The product range includes various laboratory consumables: single-channel and multi-channel pipettes and tips, plastic for working with cell cultures (plates, vials, scrapers, serological pipettes, etc.), test tubes, PCR consumables, nitrile and latex gloves, various storage solutions your samples, as well as benchtop equipment for general laboratory use, incl. centrifuges, shakers, magnetic stirrers.

AFI centrifuges have been designed to meet the needs and requirements of clinical analysis and biomedical research laboratories. With a variety of different rotors and accessories, AFI gives users all the separation and sample preparation solutions available. AFI centrifuges are designed for use with all test tubes, flasks and vials available on the market, as well as for the preparation of microplate samples.

OHAUS is engaged in the manufacture of balances, analytical instruments and laboratory equipment. All OHAUS products are designed with ease of use and impeccable precision in mind. You can buy OHAUS products from us: scales (analytical, precision, portable), various types of mixing devices, centrifuges, homogenizers, moisture analyzers

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