Cell cultivation is a key stage in biotechnological processes and largely determines the quality of production of biological products. It is based on the artificial growth of cells under controlled conditions, that is, outside the system to which they belong. Animal cell cultures are producers of many biological products; viruses are cultivated on them for identification and production of vaccines. They are also used to conduct tests and study the mechanisms of action of drugs.

Bioreactors (fermenters),  Bionet

BIONET is the right partner to deliver the bioreactor you need for the successful industrial scale-up of your cell culture or fermentation processes.

If what you need is a fully customized bioreactor, beyond the standard features, or bigger volumes than 200 l  you may call or text us.

At BIONET we have designed and constructed numerous customized industrial bioreactors which are successful delivering to our customers. These have been for very different applications (mAbs, Vaccines, Enzymes, Probiotics, Bioplastics, etc) with working volumes from 30 to 30,000 litres.

Projects that have been from very standard to completely special units (including continuous or perfusion solutions), but always technologically sound and adapted to the specific needs of the project and the customer needs.

F2-pilot-scale-bioreacterfermentor f1-twin-parallel-bioprocessing-2 F0-BABY Benchtop Bioreactor

Single Use Bioreactor CELBIC, MicroDigital 

CELBIC –Single Use Bioreactor – is the first Korean made Single Use Bioreactor System using a 3D Disposable Culture Bag; it reduces possible contamination, initial operation cost as well as pollution. Variety of products such as antibodies, stem cells and animal/plant cells can be cultivated and CELBIC is also capable of controlling as well as monitoring D.O, pH, temperature and nutrients accurately.


Next generation microbioreactor for cell line development C.BIRD™, Cytena


The C.BIRD™ is a high-throughput microbioreactor for parallel cultivations in 96-well plates that brings production bioreactor conditions to the 150 to 1600 µL scale.

The C.BIRD™ enables early identification of the highest producing and most stable clones in order to reduce later passaging steps and efforts of current scaling-up process. The C.BIRD™ screens and monitors valuable cell culture parameters for hundreds of cell lines from the earliest stages, helping scientists define the best clones sooner.

Microbioreactor for cell line development with CO2 incubator functions S.NEST™, Cytena


The S.NEST, a high-throughput microbioreactor with CO2 incubator functions, shortens the process time for cell upscaling, provides a better microscale environment for cell growth, and brings more efficiency to cell line selection.

  • High-throughput cultivation that enables the incubation of four 24-well or 96-well plates at once.
  • Customizable mixing levels thanks to a unique fluid control system that increases cell growth.
  • Innovative components and thoughtful design which minimizes the impact of evaporation.
  • Real-time monitoring of pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) values during entire cell culture time line.
  • Intuitive software analysis that transforms data to insights.
  • Reliable results allowing you to improve your cell culture workflow.

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