Rütten Engineering Ltd company, based near Zurich, is a well known pharma engineering service provider and complete system supplier for the storage, transportation and mixing of sterile fluids such as: vaccines, blood products, injectables, media for cell and bacterial cultures and intermediate products for the production of liquid pharmaceutical products.

The Rütten sterile storage and stirring systems are the result of years of experience in the area of the industrial sterile liquid handling. From the first sketch to the detailing, CAD/3D modelling, documentation, FAT tests to assembly, we offer all service from a single source. For storage simplicity and reliability and for completing the storage functions of the tanks, we offer a complete line of perfectly tailored accessories: Sterile liquid transfer and sampling assemblies | CIP-facilities | Control and measurement panel units for precise monitoring | Trolleys for the transport of the tanks equipped with autoclavable wheels | Weighing units | Valves

Cross section showing the inner workings of the vessel Magnetic stirrer with PTFE buffer (virgin PTFE) Rütten RPM controller RC-050

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