Gravity flow purification columns, G-biosciences

Column, 5ml

The 5ml empty, plastic, disposable columns have an internal volume of 6.5ml and is designed for small scale gravity flow purifications. The resin bed volume is 2.5ml. Supplied with caps and stoppers.

Column, 20ml

A large gravity flow chromatography column for protein purifications.  The graduated column holds up to 20ml resin and has a 12 ml reservoir for a total volume of 32ml.  The column is 7” (~17.5cm) and has a screw cap and rubber end stoppers. The column is fitted with ~30µm hydrophobic polyethylene. The polypropylene columns are contact-transparent, chemically-resistant and appropriate for use with organic solvents and stronger acids (except oxidizing acids) and alkalis. 

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