Fida1, Fidabio

Based on revolutionary, patented FIDA technology, Fidabio offers rapid, precise information on complex binding interactions and concentration of proteins, particles up to 1.000 nm Dh, antibodies and other biomolecules. Fida 1 platform, incl. high resolution detector, computer and Fidabio Software Suite.

The core measuments of the FIDA technology, or Flow-Induced-Dispersion- Analysis, are very precise and reproducible, absolute detections of hydrodynamic radii directly in plasma, serum, fermentation media, cell lysate etc. with accuracies of +/- 5%, coefficient of variations of <5% and a sensitivity of 0,1 nM FITC type tags. The instrument is fully automated for vials or 2 x 96 wells plates with end-to-end temperature control from 4-55 °C controllable in increments of 0,1 °C. Each test only requires a few hundred nanoliters of sample material.

Бренд: Fidabio
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