Drainable Diaphragms Pump, Lucksun

DDP Lucksun pumps are sanitary pumps. Their advantages are: gentle transfer, low pulsation, dry run, self-suction, no seals, no lubrication oil and easy maintenance. Lucksun’s DDP series pumps can be used in laboratories, pilot plants and industrial plants due to their wide flow range.

  • Pump series DDP01/02/03 flow range: 0.3-180 l/h
  • Pump series DDP10/20 flow range: 6-1200 l/h
  • Pump series DDP30/40 flow range: 25-2500 l/h
  • Pump series DDP50/80 flow range: 50-5500 l/h
  • Pump series DDP110/170 flow range: 250-10000 l/h
  • Pump series DDP240/340 flow range: 500-16000 l/h
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