Bubble Traps, VERDOT

The VERDOT Ips² bubble trap prevents air bubbles from entering process chromatography columns. An additional benefit of the bubble trap is that it reduces residual pulsation.

The VERDOT Ips² bubble trap, which is available in 0.2,0.4, 1.7, 2.6, 4.6 L sizes, can be used with any process chromatography column. Equipped with a fixing bracket, it is easily mounted on a column with 2 screws and is connected to the column with a flexible hose. It is secured against excessive pressure with the sanitary pressure relief valve, mounted on the upper connection.

For level adjustment, low pressure process air (<0.5bar) or 0.22μm vent filter can be connected above the isolation valve. Upon demand VERDOT Ips² can propose level sensors kit.

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