Bio-Lab Chromatography System, Hanbon

Bio-lab chromatography system is a highly efficient, fast and reliable automatic chromatography system independently developed by the company. It can be used for the rapid purification of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids and other biological molecules from microgram to gram level. The system adopts modular design and intelligent software, and can meet the purification requirements of all kinds of biological macromolecules in the laboratory by combining with different specifications of chromatography column.

  • Bio-Lab30 Suitable for the purification of biomolecules from microgram to milligram in the laboratory, compatible with all kinds of pre-packed column or small volume chromatography column, convenient for the rapid purification of a small amount of protein in the laboratory.
  • Bio-Lab100 and Bio-Lab300 Suitable for small scale protein purification.
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