“All-in-one” process chromatography systems, VERDOT

“All-in-one” process chromatography systems is a system for fully automated packing, unpacking, cleaning & purification for medium and large process scale.

The “All-in-one” solution adds functions on the Process chromatography skids size 01-05 allowing not only chromatography purification but also fully automated packing, cleaning and unpacking, all controlled from a single interface and embedded in minimal space. It is completed with an InPlace column equipped for full automation. The additional functions include the slurry transfer and cleaning system, the controller for the column motorization, the controller for column tilting, slurry valves and inflatable seal. This solution is ideal for the Customers who pack, unpack and process in the same purification suite. If packing and unpacking must be performed in a dedicated area, choose the automatic packing & unpacking skid.

For maintenance of column, a column lifter can be optionally added on the frame for columns up to D45cm.

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