G-Biosciences is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and cGMP compliant life sciences laboratory that is experienced in academic and industrial research and manufacturing. Their high quality reagents are cited in over twenty thousand publications, a number which continues to grow. Their goal is to provide reagents, specialty chemicals, buffers, assays, application kits and simple to complex research tools.
Their extensive knowledge in research, development and manufacturing has allowed them to develop products for multiple research areas, including proteomics, nucleic acids, immunotechnologies, bioassays, cell biology, and cell health assays.
They offer expert, top-quality custom and OEM manufacturing that meets the strict cGMP requirements of the biotech industry. They offer private label services around our full range of reagent manufacturing capabilities performed by highly trained professionals, including custom manufacturing, purification resin synthesis & production and column packing.

 FPLC_ColumnZapCOVID Column, 5ml

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