BIONET is a leading manufacturer of laboratory, pilot and industrial equipment and software for the bioprocessing industry, as well as a provider of advanced bioprocess-related services for companies that want to produce biomolecules through microbial fermentation or through cell culturing processes.
This way, their clients are industries and R&D organizations which work with bioprocesses all across the globe.
A complete and innovative bioprocess tech environment (bioreactors, TFF, PATs, etc), result of the constant investment in product evolution in alignment with both technological trends and the latest biotech market demands.
As a designer and manufacturer of equipment they provide Bioreactors/Fermenters, Tangential Filtration, other auxiliary equipment (e.g. Cleaning In Place Systems) and automation software solutions. For industrial clients they provide complete bioproduction plants, in which they integrate their proprietary equipment with technologies from other leading vendors (e.g. centrifuges, homogenizers, etc), and provide unique centralized automation solutions for all these technologies to work jointly.

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