Lifecube Single-use Bag, Cobetter

Cobetter Lifecube® single-use bags are exclusively designed by Hangzhou Cobetter Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. The entire manufacturing process of Cobetter Lifecube single-use bags from raw material storage to product packaging is completed in the ISO Class 8 clean zones. Cobetter establishes and continuously maintains the company’s quality assurance system in accordance with the requirements of ISO® 9001:2015 quality management system and cGMP.

Cobetter Lifecube® can help you achieve simpler process, greater process efficiency and productivity, easier verification and safer products.

  • Single-use system eliminates the risk of cross contamination and greatly improves safety.
  • No need for cleaning and sterilization in place. The annual production batches of the production workshop in the same scale are greatly increased, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.
  • Reduced the cost of QC and cleaning verification.

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