Intelligent integrity tester Certitest 20, Cobetter

GMP requires that sterile grade filter element need to be tested for integrity. Cobetter integrity CertitestTM 20, which is based on the GAMP (Good automated manufacturing practice) guidelines, defully complies with GMP requirements.

Features of the Certitest™ 20 instrument

  • The whole machine uses high-level hardware to ensure data stability and accuracy.
  • Special structure design effectively prevents water from sucking back and self-check function.
  • Powerful windows system supports real-time display of test curves.
  • 50G large memory capacity, backup date can be exported on user’s demand.
  • Support multi-level user access settings to ensure data integrated and safe.

Order Information:

  • CT20A1 Intelligent integrity tester Certitest™ 20
  • T20110610 Calibration device for Certitest™ 20
Category: Brand: Cobetter
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