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Whether working in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry, you always value the safety and confidence of monitoring and analyzing cell culture with state-of-the-art solutions. Reliable and efficient monitoring is crucial for optimizing yield and product quality since even small changes in bioprocess parameters can influence the performance of your cell culture. Some critical indicators of the cell culture inside the bioreactor are cell density, viability, aggregation rate, morphology, and the amount of cell debris. Therefore, monitoring of these parameters allows you to maximize the performance of your fermentation.

Cedex HiRes Analyzer
Cell Analyzer Cedex HiRes Analyzer (Roche CustomBiotech) provides high-resolution imaging based on a CCD scanner, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of even minor changes in your cell culture. The analyzer measures not only cell concentration, but also morphological parameters such as cell diameter and compactness, and provides quantitative information on cell aggregation in samples.
Incubator System T
The Stage-top incubator System T (LCI) is an integrated system that meets all the basic requirements for cell culture and stable and accurate control of the sample temperature for long-term observation of living cells under a microscope.
Image ExFluorer with image
The Image ExFluorer (LCI) Cell Imaging System is a turnkey solution that goes beyond the conventional fluorescence microscope, combining the capabilities of highly informative imaging, live cell analysis, 2D / 3D deconvolution and autofocus based on a wide field phase contrast imaging system.
f.sight Systems for screening and selection of cell clones x.sight (Cytena) accelerate and simplify the process of developing cell lines, providing fast and reliable confirmation of cell line monoclonality during its development: c.sight ™ sorting eukaryotic cells in a bright field; f.sight ™ sorting eukaryotic cells in a bright field and using fluorescence; b.sight ™ bright field sorting of prokaryotic cells.
hold and place the Via2-Cassette ChemoMetec is a worldwide leading manufacturer of cell counting and analysis equipment. NucleoCounter NC-202 (ChemoMetec) is a modern compact benchtop device that provides highly accurate automatic cell counting and analysis of their viability. The NucleoCounter® NC-202 ™ is an integrated fluorescence microscope with 2.1x magnification, two fluorescence channels and a CMOS camera (matrix size 2/3 "). Cells are counted using factory calibrated Via2-Cassette cassettes containing Acridine Orange and DAPI dry dyes.


Systems for evaluating intermolecular interactions based on local surface plasmon resonance OpenSPR and OpenSPR-XT (Nicoya). OpenSPR and OpenSPR-XT instruments use local surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) technology, which allows high-quality label-free analysis of intermolecular interactions at an affordable price.
ALTO (Nicoya)  is the digital intermolecular interaction screening system. Alto is the world's first SPR instrument to integrate digital microfluidics (DMF) with nanotechnology-based biosensors. Nicoya integrated their proprietary localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensors into DMF cartridges - creating 16 independently addressable channels on a single cartridge.
Fida1 System of Flow Induced Dispersion Analysis Fida1 (Fidabio)Flow Induced Dispersion Analysis (FIDA) is a new revolutionary technology making it possible for you to both improve drug safety and speed up your drug approval processes. This new proprietary technology is developed for quantification and characterization of proteins (including biologics) and particles up to 1,000nm diameter, including complex interactions, stoichiometry, oligomeric states etc.



Wyatt provides cutting-edge solutions for on-line multi-angle static light scattering (SEC-MALS), field-flow fractionation (FFF-MALS), composition-gradient (CG-MALS), high-throughput and traditional dynamic light scattering (DLS), electrophoretic mobility via phase-analysis light scattering (MP-PALS), differential refractometry and differential viscosity. Wyatt’s tools are used in discovery, product development, QC and manufacturing settings for determining the properties of novel therapeutics such as nano-drug carriers, vaccines, biopolymers and proteins; as well as synthetic polymers and nanoparticles. With Wyatt's instruments you can measure the following: Molar mass, Size, Particle concentration and viral titer, Charge or zeta potential, Biomolecular interactions, Conformation and composition.


Optica Italy offers a wide range of different microscopes, from simple models for routine or educational purposes to advanced solutions for scientific research or industry (eg metallurgical models or models for studying asbestos).  Multiheads for simultaneous operation of several users will make the learning process simpler and more intuitive, and a large selection of additional accessories (for example, heated stage or different sample holders) will ensure simplicity and accessibility of research.



Metabolite testing in bioprocess and fermentation control with Cedex Bio and Cedex Bio HT Analyzers (Roche CustomBiotech). Timely and accurate information enables you to make high-confidence decisions faster, offering the potential to reduce cycle time and production costs. We are committed to deliver high-quality products that enable you to gain a more complete picture of factors affecting the health and productivity of your cells. A comprehensive testing panel covers common assays, both for  mammalian cell culture as well as for microbial fermentation. In addition there are specialty parameters available e.g., LDH, IgG, Magnesium,Calcium, Iron



As one of the leading analytical instrument manufacturers, YOUNG IN Chromass Co., Ltd. has produced reliable and superior chromatographs over more than 30 years by dedicating our research and development to chromatographic technologies in Korea. YOUNG IN Chromass produces Gas Chromatograph (GC), Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS), High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC), Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (LC/MS), and chromatography data system.

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